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”Vegetarian food is both easy and fun to cook, it tastes like what you put in”

”Beware of food that space you out”

”Go green, start your day with wheat grass”


About Renée Voltaire

Food has always been a big part of my life. I have helmed coffee shops, bakeries restaurants and catering companies.

The entire time I’ve been cooking and eating good, healthy food, ideas for new products have been on my mind.

renee-voltaireI know how important right food is for my body and how much it affects my energy and joy of life.

For me, food is a lifestyle. That is how it all started!

Through good food I have found a better balance in my life and I hope that I can inspire you to find yours.

Take courage
It can feel difficult to change your diet overnight, but let it take its time and remember to take one step at a time.  Find your own balance is an ongoing process.

Who is Renée Voltaire?
I consider myself a happy rebel. My goal is to redefine the health culture by making innovative products that gives customers a better, healthier, easier and a more enjoyable eating experience.

I founded the company in 2005. Today we have 25 employees and we’re continuing to expand. Our biggest focus is on develop and producing new products. We also offer courses, cookbooks and health-inspiring journeys.  

In our own production creates new and creative food products with love and big enthusiasm.  To get optional nutrition and flavor, a lot of our products are soaked, sprouted and dehydrated in low temperature.  We are very proud of our production process.

A lot of work goes into every product. It is a lot of work behind every product (it doesn’t just work chefs here). Here at the office every department works diligently with everything from packaging, marketing, financial governance, sales, etc. Even here it flows creative new ideas and magnificent visions.